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Tech Edge Global Holdings is a leading elastic band supplier. We offers an elastic band for sale of various sizes for industrial consumption. Our uniqueness is based on our balance between quality and pricing.

Are you looking for high quality elastic band? Teche edge is the world’s best elastic band supplier. We offer the best quality elastic band in bulk to anywhere and you can get it at very affordable price. All our products including SMS fabric, non woven polypropylene fabric are also at market competitive prices.


Teche edge is the world’s best elastic band supplier. We offer the best quality elastic band in bulk to anywhere. We have a wide range of elastic bands brands and elastic bands prices, like neoprene elastic, cotton elastic and rubber band etc. Elastic band has many types such as flat band, round band, loop band and lockstitch sewing headband etc. Our main customers are garment factories, hardware stores and others.

We make sure to manufacture the best quality and error-free elastic. We never fail to amaze our new and regular clients. Similarly, we procure quality raw materials to assure we have a flawless final output to deliver.

Why Tech Edge is a Desirable Elastic Band Supplier.


We provide breathable and durable elastic that is both breathable and durable, making it simple to apply.

Desirable elasticity:

Every consumer desires tensile elastic deformation, which can easily restore the original length without deformation.

Wide application:

Our knit elastic band (with good elasticity) can be used for a variety of purposes, including underwear, sportswear, pants, wigs, skirts, waistbands, necklines, and DIY projects. We cater to diverse applications and that’s why we are seen as a go-to elastic band manufacturer.

The material we use:Elastic Band Supplier

Polyester fiber is used to make our elastic band. Our knitting elastic band is desirable for its tensile strength and lack of odor.

Satisfying Client Service

Please contact us for any quality issues. We have a replacement and related policy as a dependable bamboo pulp and elastic band supplier. As a result, don’t be concerned and feel free to place an order with us.


What Sets us Apart

Production Capacity

We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that positions as a leading elastic band supplier. It makes no difference whether the order comes from a small-scale startup or a large-scale retailer. We have grown our production capacity over the years, allowing us to serve a wide range of clients.


Top Human Resource

We make every possible effort to hire the brightest minds to produce high-quality elastic bands. We currently have the best available manufacturing and marketing personnel. They all worked together to make Tech Edge the leading elastic band supplier.


Competitive Price

As a B2b elastic band supplier, we strive for competitive pricing. Our corporate structure and quality raw material selection enable you to obtain a world-class elastic band. Even though we provide quality elastic, our pricing is market-competitive and affordable for industrial users.