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bamboo pulp fabric
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Tech Edge Global is South Africa’s leading manufacturer of PP (Polypropylene) based ‘Spunmelt’ & ‘Spunbond’ Nonwoven Fabric. we are innovative company specializing in production and sales of Non woven fabrics and pulp fabrics.Specialized in SpunBond Non-Woven.
PP Melt blown BFE99%
Nose Bridge (Single core)
Elastic band (Ear Loop )
wood pulp fibre
bamboo pulp fibre

bamboo pulp fabric

Backed by a leading African business conglomerate, we are Africa’s first company to install a Multi Beam (SSMMXS), 4.2 meters width, composite Spun melt Production Facility . Our manufacturing site is located at strategically important location of 1257 Embankment Rd, Zwartkop, Centurion, 0051

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